Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Advances in Technology Put You at the Center of The Book Publishing Industry Through Self-Publishing

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You Are Your Own Publisher:
The Newbie’s Guide to Successful Self-Publishing -
List of Urban Fantasy Success Stories, Contemporary, Historical Romance... is a new ebook that motivates you to write the book that is in you. It will help you make time to write the book that you have always wanted to write. Not only will it help you write it, but it will give you all the new tips on self-publishing platforms, print on demand publishers such as,,, etc. This ebook will give you a list of the hot genres that are selling well. This way, you will know which category to focus on.

Authors: Benito J. Latortue and Charlaine Cohen, self-published authors invite you to write and publish your own story to a worldwide audience, made possible by technology, the Internet, e-reader devices such as Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle and publishing plaftorms such as Kindle Digital Publishing,, and Smashwords….etc.

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